Products Specification
Operation and Examination

Illumination Variable 0~70,000lux
Operation continuity 2.5~12hours
Weight 104g
Affordable head length 160~210mm
The angle of illumination from horizontal to downward 0~41 degrees
Included 1 charger and 2 rechargeable batteries
Charging time about 2 hours
Use Dr. Kim’s specific charger and batteries for safety
Installable customized loupes or surgical telescope
Attachable 4 colors of light source cap transparent, daylight, warm and red

Wide and Clear Vision

Magnificaion ~1.5x
Weight 2oz
Specialty for Surgery or General dentistry

HD Camera for Lecture

Surgical Telescope

Magnification ~x2.0 & x2.5
Weight 19g
Field of view(in diameter at 40cm) 10cm
Working distance Variable(25cm~10cm)